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Hmm.. GTae IG update. Coincidence?

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KING & QUEEN OF INSTAGRAM KPOP EDITION! Congratulation to G-Dragon & Kim Taeyeon for 2 MILLION followers on INSTAGRAM!

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Family Outing Ep. 81

Telling each other that they’re jealous. :P

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Flower eaters

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When G-Dragon choose a poodle in Running Man, he said "girls like poodles". 

And who else love her poodle so much? It’s Taeyeon and her Ginger!

What a coincidence right?

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The G-dragon and Taeyeon thingy


Okay. My mind’s going to blow up with all this g-dragon and taeyeon thing. First of all, is it still coincidental if you got 12+ similar instagram post and counting? I know they don’t follow each other on instagram but oh come on.image

And remember Taeyon’s instagram post before? the one with a

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Anyone notice this? SNSD’s new logo #soshibang
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Music :DDD

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They both love flowers <3 #gtaen#soshibang #taeyeon #jiyong #gdragon